May 22, 2017

Are we there yet?

We've all been there, right?  It's actually really funny, but just not this time of year!  Truthfully, nothing is funny this time of year.  We are tired, the students are tired of each other and us.  Parents are tired of making lunches and in my case, trying to wake up my teenager for school!  Oh the joys of a teenager....but that's another post.

Actually, I might have to go into that for just a minute.  Someone please tell me why my teenager has a review for most of his class finals last week, but hasn't studied ONE SINGLE BIT!!!!!  ARGHHHH.  Obviously, it drives me insane, but I'm reflecting back on the wisdom of an article I read on Facebook that said (loosely) to not do everything for them-so I'm interpreting that as: just remind them, but not nag.  Who knows if that's right.  All I know is I do a lot of praying!!!

But I digress!!! 

In the school district where I work, we have 4 more days with kiddos and then 2 days of professional development.  I will be presenting 2 sessions for this and I keep thinking about what I would want to learn as a teacher right now.  HUMMM....I really want to learn how to cook chicken without drying it out, or how to get a great tan without adding to the sun damage I already have, but since I don't think that either of those topics will meet our District Improvement Plan, I needed to come up with something else.  So...we are going to learn and PLAY games that can build Fact Fluency without having to do fact tests!  Stay tuned for more, I'm just in the planning stages pressure, it's 5 whole days away!!!  Haha.  (I work better under pressure.  Maybe that's what my teenager does too...doubt it, but I guess it's a possibility.)

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